About Us

   Zhanjiang Yijun Sisal ProductsFactory ,Located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. Zhanjiang City, which locatedbetween tropic and sub-tropic. Is a professional production sisal rope, sisal twine, sisal fabric and jute rope, jute twine etc. set production and salesin one, has the right to import and export of private enterprise.

   Yijun Sisal Products Factory was established in 2000, more than ten years history of production and processing, hasextensive production and processing experience, technology and equipment afteryears of constantly adjust beautifully produced by the small size of productpackaging, quality and stability, in line with international standards andinternational marketneeds.

   With the business growing, Guangxi Yixing Sisal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 known as Chinese sisal   township Guangxi Chongzuo Fusui.and Everchanceeven into the upstream and downstream relationships and moredirect supply ofraw materials to make Everchance greatly reduce the cost, so that our customersbenefit morefrom.

   Zhanjiang Yijun Sisal Products Factory under the jurisdiction of the Guangxi Yixing Sisal Products Co., Ltd. a total investment of 18 million Yuan, covers an area of about 7550 square meters, has five steel standard factory has built the sisal  production line 4 bar has reasonable sisal machine, the acquiring of the machine, spinning machine, and shares machine, rewinding machine, playing rope machine and other advanced equipment more than 70 units, the scale of production to produce a variety of hemp products 3000 tons, annual output value 35 million Yuan.Now the companycultivate and foster a technology professional, work ability, work style team including 30 managers, professional and technical personnel 8, 150 frontline workers.With the developmentof enterprises, our company will further strengthen the corporatepersonnel training, all the staff adhering to the "serious, lively,hard-working, mutual aid" corporate culture "customer is the first" principle-centered, and constantly improve enterprisemanagement, establish and improve the system of production management, qualitysupervision system to ensure that the company sisal products, high-quality,high standards to meet customer needs.

   The products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, England,Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other countries andregions, with customers to establish a long-term partnership. Yijun SisalProducts Factory With a wealth of experience, quality products and goodreputation, making the production, management, sales and management of allaspects of a smooth, continuous growth in annual sales.

   We have always pursued keepimproving and good service. We sincerely hope that we can build up a long-timeand good business relation with you on mutual benefit.