Jute Twine (natural color)

Jute Twine (natural color)

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Material:Natural Jute

Diameter: 0.5mm -4.5mm

It is widely used in wire and cable filling, rope packing, bundling, tying, gardening, greenhouses, pastures, bonsai plants, shopping malls, supermarkets and daily life. It is also used in making furniture and sofas.

Product advantages:

Strong practicability: fine twine can be used for decorative arts and crafts, binding small things, clothing, etc.The thick hemp rope can be used in shipping industry and forestry to bind large objects.


navigation, oilfield, mine, aquatic products industries, lumbering,architectural industry, civil use, traffic, packing, gardening,etc. Furthermore, it comes in handy around the house to tie newspapers, magazines and other items you may want to recyle.


Jute twine is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural jute packaging, holds knots well, ties easily.


1mm: very fine, suitable for hanging label production lamp shade, small gift bookmark

1.5mm (twine): suitable for hanging tags, lamp shades, small crafts and other decorations

2mm (3-strand winding): suitable for hanging tags, lamp shades, small handicraft bottles and POTS, etc

3mm (3-strand winding): suitable for hanging tag, photo wall, bottle can winding vintage wine bottle sealing

The 4mm and 4.5mm are suitable for pendant flowerpot, winding table and chair, balcony railing, plumbing and other decorations

We can serve our customers with high-quality sisal ropes of 2-ply ,3-ply and 4-ply,diameter range from 0.5mm to 4.5mm.

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